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I am making a Sweet 16 cake for my niece and I am having a little trouble coming up with some ideas. The cake is going to be 2 tiers. She doesn't want to cake fondant covered but with buttercream. So I need some ideas on what to do with the cake for decorations. I was told she like American Eagle and Hollister clothes as well as the band Hollywood Undead. Her fave color is pink. I need some ideas to help get things going so i can sketch smething. There is going to be 40 people so I was thinking about using round cake pans. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I just did a quick search of all of those...I don't see how you could incorporate all of them with any kind of panache' so my suggestion is to choose one.

American Eagle could incorporate a flip flop cake with a edible image of their logo with some fondant accents of a purse, shirt etc.

for Hollywood a google image search for "hollywood undead cake" there are s ome interesting ideas
You could have edible images printed with all of her favorite things and put them on. they do very well with buttercream.

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