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Hi everyone :)

I've been asked to make a 2 tiered cupcake cake and I am a little concerned about the support structure of this cake.

What she would like is, one giant cupcake cake on top of another, so that it looks like the top cake is squashing the cake beneath it (but not so much so that you cannot see its a cupcake at the bottom tier)

What support structures can I use to ensure the top cake does not flatten the bottim tier? I find it harder to add proper support to a Giant cupcake cake because of its unusual shape.

Her flavours are chocolate for the top tier and red velvet for he base. Traditionally, I prefer to use Red Velvet on the top tier as it's not a very structurally sound cake (unless made days in advance which I find causes it to lose its taste and moisture?)

Any assistance/guidance is really appreciated! I would love to take the is order but obvsiouly want to ensure that I can give her the cake she wants :)

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Ok Lynette

You are making a "Topsy-Turvy" cake, but cupcake themed. I have a great tutorial for this type of cake that might help. When placing the top cake "into" the bottom cake, you can ice the bottom cake  as is the icing was splashing out and about around the bottom of the cupcake you placed in it.. Don't know if this makes sense??  The cakes shown in these tutorial are "flat" on top. But once you place the top cake into the bottom cake, you can add the swirled icing to give it the 'cupcake" look. Both tutorials show the type of the support you need. If this was me, I would buy some pretty sturdy wrapping paper, pleat it accordian style, put it around the bottom of both cakes like a "cupcake wrapper". This is what I did with my giant cupcake.  You would have to add your wrapper on the bottom after doing the icing.  I hope this info is somewhat helpful......  :o)

this is definitely somewhat helpful thank you so much!!

She mentioned that she doesnt want them to be topsy turvy but I am sure you can use the same technique on a standard cake shape?

Yes Lynette

That is what I was trying to convey. You can put one cake "inside" another, but they DON'T have to be on a anngle. Which, by my way of thinking, would be easier to do.  Then with icing you can give the illusion of splashed icing, or whatever effect you want.  The support system will be easier to, just your standard wooden dowels. You could have a bit of fun with this. Not so intimidating if laid out and you have a idea of what you are doing.  :o)

Awesome :)

Thanks so much June that's a brilliant idea!! :)

June, am I correct to assume that this would be more time consuming than a standard tiered cake?

I don't think so. With the exception of having to make x-tra BC icing. If you use fancy wrapping paper for the cupcake "wrapper", you don't have to spend a lot of time fussing on how neat your BC icing is around the bottom of each tier. When I did my giant cupcake cake, once assembled... It took no time to ice. :0)

That's a really good idea June - very effective, well done you.  Good luck Lynette - you'll rock it I'm sure, talented lady that you are!

Thanks Katy

Even when I was in homecare, when I had to do a lift, especially in a different environment, new client, I would step back and think, analyze the situation. Sometimes clients would get kinda nervous, wondering... do I know what I am doing????  Hee Hee  Once I had it "worked out" in my head, then I could procceed with confidence.  It is like building or sewing.... measure twice, cut once. Of course, much easier to "see" a solution for someone elses dilemna, than your own.

I LOVE that saying!! Measure twice cut once!!

You really have to measure so many different things in this industry! Who would have thought that maths and the like would be so useful one day lol

Yup Lynette

 That saying is ages old. My dressmaker  Mom "drilled" that into me....  For sewing & baking. And I can tell you, when I rushed,  didn't take time to measure, including cake decorating... I have had mistakes I had to correct!!  :o)

How right you are June.  I made some chocolate butter icing the other day and my scales were upstairs.  Couldn't be arsed going up to get them, so guessed my measurements.  By the time I got it right, it would have been quicker to go and get the scales, get it right first time and would have been a better result too.

June Kowalczyk said:

Yup Lynette

 That saying is ages old. My dressmaker  Mom "drilled" that into me....  For sewing & baking. And I can tell you, when I rushed,  didn't take time to measure, including cake decorating... I have had mistakes I had to correct!!  :o)

Yup Katy

There you have it. We pay for not taking time..... :o)

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