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Substituting cocoa with chocolate chips in red velvet cake

Hi guys,

My cake red velvet cake recipe calls for 1/4-1/2 cocoa powder....and I am OUT...but I have semi-sweet chocolate chips...:) much of those chips can i use to save the day.

looking forward to your feedback.



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Do you have any unsweetened chocolate at home?  1 oz would be the equivalent of 1/4 c.

no...just semi sweet....guess i'll drag my tired kinda lazy self to the store....hate having to go in for 1 lil ingredient....

Thanks for the knowledge Goreti

I would probably just go for it.  I think the only difference would probably be in the sweetness.

Goreti...I went to the grocery store and got some cocoa....can i say a minute before they closed...whoooo!

Thanks for your help...:)

Well darn, Teneisha...I was hoping you were gonna try it out and give back a report! lol

I'll tell you, I have used semi-sweet baking squares in a pinch when I have been out of dry cocoa powder and every time I have used them the cake has been very good. I would think that chocolate chips and semi-sweet squares would be similar in their composition, so it could be worth a try. Just a thought. =O)

ahhh Linda...I was going to but I said nah...

Will test it for my own home and give you feedback.

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