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Hi I have made strawberry filling cakes for whipcream icing cakes a lot. Then someone asked me to make a strawberry filling cake with buttercream icing. I had never been asked to do that. I thought it would be so easy to make. I did what I usually do with the edge in buttercream and the filling in the middle. My Baptism Cake that's the one I posted looked great. I started seeing the icing starting to squeeze out. Agh! I had to deliver the cake and when it finally arrive it had slid off and looked awful. I repaired it as much as I could.  I had to give them a discount for the cake. But I was so disappointed in my self.  I had another cake order with same request and so I was determined to make sure the filling would not spill out. This is what I did. I cut into the cake to make a dam. I then thickened the icing for the edge of the cake to put around before i put the strawberry filling. I decided to make a video to better help other people and to save you from a cake disaster! Please view this is the link

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Thank you, Alma, for creating this video.  I will use it next time I feel a cake!  You did a great job for your first :o)

great video!

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