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Hi ladies...iam fairly new in the forum and have been loving the help i got.
Now i need some advice. Iam planning to take my cakes to the next level of making it for customers than just my family, in other words now i plan to put price tag to my cakes. Can you guys please tell me what all i need to know before starting a cake business from home. The dos and don'ts.

Thank you inadvance for all your valuable advices

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I am probably not the best one to give you advice since I only do this for my family but here is what I would do.  First be fully aware of what each cake costs you that means everything cake boards, utilities, materials, your time including the shopping & clean up.  Do not start off by charging less just to get customers.  You will become known as the cheap cake lady and it will be harder for you to increase your prices.  Not only that but you will burn out from working too much for little profit.   Before you consider selling your cakes, make sure that you can provide a professional looking cake and product.   Make sure that you know what the law is in your area regarding this type of home business.  Get insurance.   I'm not sure if you have ever worked in customer service but it isn't easy.  Sometimes customer will take all the joy out of cake decorating so be sure that you are ready for it.  Hopefully someone with experience can tell you a bit more.

I don't sell cakes either, like Goreti, strictly family & friends. She gave great advice. But knowing pro bakers, I can tell you you need to know the market in your area. For example, living in a bigger city you can charge more than in a rural area. If there's decorators in your area, don't undercut them, it will only backfire. There may be times where they may give you business if they can't manage an order. Make a business plan as you may need funds from a bank to start up. Money for supplies & equipment etc.

It can be very intimidating starting a home business. Especially if you're going to go through the Health Department and get inspected. I have been starting to blog about our experience here in Virginia. You can read some of my posts here:

What state are you in? Maybe I can help you find the documentation you need to get going.

I am in Australia dear

So the U.S. Health Department shouldn't be able to give you any problems ;)  The articles in the blog mostly go over marketing your site locally using Google and writing blog posts more effectively so I think it could still be helpful.

This might help you get some information on what you're local government requires. I didn't read all the way through it so I'm not 100% sure it covers baking from home, but it's a good place to start.

 Contact your council,

Contact the tax office

Set up business banking

Get insurance

 Get a hygiene certificate

Word of mouth

Find your niche

Sourcing ingredients

 Packaging and decorations

Get baking



Set up a website

Social media

Tell us about your business!

Remember these simple things and start your business

Hi there! First of all best wishes on starting a new business. I too am new to the business field and one thing that I've learned so far is to have a good quality for whatever you're selling and more than that maintaining the quality with the increase of customers. Later on, you would be needing a bit of a promotion for your business. I would say to keep it low on expense, but see to that it reaches the right people. Direct mail advertising, I'll say is a good option. It's something that I've personally benefited from. Make sure you have variety of cakes for your customers to choose from. You can always start off with a price a bit lower than the cake shops in your locality. Later, after you make a good stand, you can always increase your rates. 

First you need to tell HMRC you're self-employed, it's necessary to do, and register your business. Second, you need to register your premisces with the local authority’s environmental health service. Third, sort your home baking insurance to be covered in case you're sued for injury or damage. And of course, your kitchen must be up to standard. Good hygiene practices, modern equipment. Here you can buy almost everything you need, the rest should be discussed with a lawyer. Good luck!

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