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I have been decorating cakes for family and friends (for free) for quite a few years.  Now some of their friends and family asked me to make cakes for them, which I have done for a small cost.  Everyone loves my cakes and I would like to start my business.  Can anyone give me any ideas or offer any help as to how I can get my name out there??  It is very frustrating because I don't know where to begin.

Thank you in advance for all of your help,


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I looked it up for you, it doesn't look like NJ allows home cake businesses...BUT...some states say No officially and allow each county to make up its own mind (like NY and GA) I would start with your county health department and your county Department of Agriculture and see what they need to find out about licensing and inspections and etc...but even if NJ is a total no go for home bakeries..there are some options...find out what you can do with farmers markets (there are usually different rules for these) or if the state allows you to rent a kitchen (often called shared kitchens, some states don't, some states say NO but allow counties to decide) to operate a business (just be sure you look at cost of rental vs. income to see if it is even profitable to rent a kitchen,I did that and it just wasn't a profitable venture for the small rural community I live in)

but either way, you will need to look into licensing and INSURANCE(both liability and auto) also might want to consider a ServSafe course (for food handlers). Then, you will be able to brainstorm for ways to promote your need to start with how you can become legal in your state before brainstorming ways to promote...believe me when I first started I soooooo sooooo wanted to sell cakes under the radar, and where I live I could if I wanted, there are couple of other ladies here who do and sell to the mayor, the county commissioners, the city council etc and everyone just looks the other way....again BUT....selling a cake or two for a small profit just wasn't worth the risk if something were to happen and I got sued..I wasn't willing to put everything my husband and I have worked so hard for over the last 25 years, on the line to sell a few cakes a month!!!


Thank soooo sooooo much for all this information. I will definetely look into my county and the Dept of Agriculture. The information you gave me helps a bunch. Thank you again.

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