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I'm making a 3-tier wedding cake and I normally use coconut to sprinkle between the tiers so the fondant won't peel off when the layers are separated. However, the bride hates coconut so I wondered if I could use confectioner's sugar? Or will it melt and stick to the fondant? The cake is white-white, and I really don't want to use cookie crumbs. Any info=greatly appreciated.

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I assume you are putting the cakes on cake boards?? If your fondant is hard & dry before you stack,  the cake boards shouldn't stick. But I am confused. Once the cakes are separated, it is usually because they are going to be cut for serving. So without sounding crass, what does it matter if a little bit of the fondant sticks.

I have never had any fondant peel or rip.

I hope I have been helpful.

Hi Marilyn,

I personally use cake plates with supports under each tier (either Coast of Wilton usually) and have never had a problem with the fondant sticking. I would think you could use a very light dustng of cornstarch though without any taste issues.

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