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Does anybody have any idea what is "spanish ganache" and what makes it different from normal ganache?

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Never heard of it either Mandy.  Knowing the spanish and their love for sweet things, it's probably got extra sugar in it or something, but I really don't know.  Where did you hear about it?

It's a cake shop in Cape Town South Africa (you can see many of their cakes on flikr - Charley's Cake ANgels) and she makes spanish ganache (which she also claims is her own invention) so I was just curious to find out what would make it different from normal ganache :-)

mmm - looks  like it might be her own invention.  I googled it and could find nothing.  Their cakes do look amazing though - I love the white chocolate textured ones.  Let's see if someone else here knows about this stuff!

200 cc Cream
50 g glucose syrup [not corn syrup]*
200 g dark/black/bittersweet chocolate [>50% cocoa solids]

Cannot find one for white chocolate - reduce the amount of cream?

* some use a thick sugar syrup ..

Oh thankyou so much suziq - gonna try this weekend :-)  I should imagine for the white you would use more chocolate, say 350g white :-)

Good ole' Suziq - she always comes up with a great answer, so thanks from me too!

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