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Hey. I own a cake shop and I want to do some promotion for it. Wanted to know whether any kind of guerrilla marketing would be good for it. Would love to do such marketing as it's cost friendly too. Could anyone suggest me some good guerrilla marketing ideas for cake shop.

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When I started my cake shop I took cakes decorated with fun photos to the fairs and flee markets and let people taste them, Just handed out my business cards. I also donated cakes to charity events like the humane society annual auction. I went from doing 20 cakes a week to 70 in a small town. Any why that you can show your product is good for business

Oh! That's cool.

Wow great ideas. I am hoping to start my own cakery but not sure how to advance business. I need a commercial kitchen but don't have the finances to get into that at this time. I'm baking from home and I need to be in a commercial kitchen to make progress. So how do I get over this hump?

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