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I've done a lot of baking and always enjoyed it. But never really was a decorator ... Until now. I've realized that this is what I really love. Baking. I just feel at home when I'm in the kitchen getting my bake on. And I've got an itch to learn decorating. I've started collecting recipes for all kinds of cakes/cupcakes/cookies/etc. Going to get a new printer to start printing them all off so I can put them into a binder.

I'm planning on taking the cake decorating classes at one of the craft stores near me, just not sure which store yet. And that won't be until July or so.

So until then, it is all things to do a home. Making cakes/cupcakes and learning to decorate them myself. But, I have NO idea what tools to get. I was thinking about the Ultimate Caddy Kit for Wilton. Which is still a chunk of change for me, since I am on a SMALL budget.

But, I also need pans. I've got three small round pans, and a bundt pan. I have three cupcake pans (one makes 12, two make 6). And I don't even own a cookie sheet. =[

What would you suggest for the total newbie?

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Hi, i started cake decorating just over a year ago and went mad buying lots of different tools not knowing what half of them did, i found the best way is to first decide what type of decorating you'd like to do, whether it be flowers, modelling, piping, there's so many different ways to decorate a cake, you can never have enough books, i buy loads of secondhand books off amazon, once you find what type you would like to do then try to pick some basic tools for what you have chosen to start you off, or you may end up with a lot of stuff you may never use, i find now it's best to buy little bits as you go along, start by finding one cake with instructions you'd like to make and take it from there, sometimes you'll find you could have things in your kitchen you can use use as substitutes or to create ideas. i'm certainly no expert but i hope a little of my learning will help you, it's not a lot i know :-) but hopefully it might help a little towards a start. Good luck!

well said Vanessa

This is what I was trying to say in my post above, but you put it so simply.  And your cake work is amazing, so you have been around the block enough to know a few things. Start off with the basics, then as you take a course, or buy a book with insructions you buy the tools necessary for the "project" you are doing. Then go from there.

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