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Pls I need ur help,if u check all my cakes that I have been sending,if you zoom it very close u will see that the body is not smooth and I don't no why?but what I noticed is that my fondant mixing is nt always stretchy ,so this makes the work diFficult for me when rolling it always breaks.I based in nigeria,no premade fondant.Any help pls with fondant recipe that goes with any weather.ThAnks.

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I have looked at your photos and honestly, I don't think your fondant looks at all bad.  But if it is not stretchy, then that would suggest you are not kneading it for long enough, or you have too much dry ingredient in it.

Some of our members here have posted fondant recipes that you might want to try - here is the links to them

Thanks katty,I will check now
I agree with Katy, your fondant looks fine to me. A small tip. If you have kneaded your fondant well, you can put a very small amount of vegetable fat on your counter where you are rolling your fondant out, it keeps your fondant subtle & it won't crack. But be careful, too much vegetable fat will make it greasy. :o)

Maybe too much icing sugar. Some decorators said, put shortening on your hands when kneading fondant and mix with a little tylose powder to make it stretchy. If you don't have premade fondant, just make marshmallow fondant. Check google for more recipes.

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