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I sketch every now and then when an idea pops into my head but have used only one on a cake.  Last night I spent about an hour going thru the latest "Wedding Cakes" magazine, which just came out, and started sketching more ideas for my cakes with the hopes that I make them.  I love the Cake Central magazine and that started my latest sketching project plus reminded me of the things I have laying around in my hutch;)  How often do you sketch out your ideas and actually put them on your cakes?  I'm not talking about a consultation between you and your client but your own ideas.

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i love to sketch ideas for my cakes and cookies too! i'm doing 4 dozen wedding cake cookies and i'd like a lot of them to look different, so i have a pad near me at all times and just start sketching when the idea hits! for cakes i like to look at pictures that others have done and modify to my taste.
I do the exact same thing. I'll look at a picture and customize it to my liking. As far as notepads, I have one in my car, which I keep forgetting about, at work, in my bag, on my bed, etc.

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