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How many people would a 2 layer 12" and 10" round cake feed? I always get conflicting answers. Its for a birthday party and so the pieces would be a little more hearty then a wedding. The cake I have to make should be for 55 people..are those size pans too big? I'd rather them have a little extra rather the have to cut small pieces.

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Wilton has some cake cutting guides--

For party sizes I think they are too small but it is what the pros use.
the pans are 2" deep wilton round pans
2 layer as in the 12" and 10" cakes will both have 2 layers or a single layer of each size?
I use the Wilton Party Servings for all my cakes , I like to give a larger peice then the standard wedding serving.
According to this chart a stacked 12" and 10" cake will serve 68.
The servings are approx. 1.5" wide, 2" deep and 4" tall.
If the cakes are single layer then the servings will be cut in half for a total of 34.
it will be a two tier two layers

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