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I have an opportunity to be a vendor the Great Bridal Show in Boston at the end of the month.  It will cost me $300 plus cake samples for about 700 people. I am a home baker, but really need to start growing my business and feel this might be a great option.  Has anyone participated in a large bridal show and was it worth it.  In this case, it seems I will be the only cake business at the show.  I just need an idea of what to expect.  Thanks.

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Sorry I can't help you with your question Ken, not from personal experience, but I would say, go for it if you an afford to do so.  It will get your name out there and as there are bound to be many Wedding Planners there, even one contact could bring you a lot of business.  We know your cakes are easily up to the mark and will impress.  If you are the only one there, then this is a great opportunity for you.  Good luck.

Like Katy, Ken, I cannot speak from personal experience, but your talent is absolutely equal to the challenge of any sort of wedding / grooms cake.  You will gain a ton of exposure and undoubtedly make invaluable contacts. big wedding order will yield sufficient profit to cover the cost of the booth and cake samples.  After that, everything else is gravy.  Good luck!  I expect to see you on TV next :o)

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