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Hi All,  I have to make a 12" x 19" sheet cake (my first sheet cake).  Do you torte and fill the cake or just leave it as a single layer sheet cake???  Is it just a matter of preference??    I am worried that if I torte and fill the cake it will become huge???  Any advice will be sooooo helpful :-)  Thank you.

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Thank you Kristine. I prefer filling in a cake as well, just nervous about doing it! I am going to take your advice and make two cakes and fill it! Thanks again!
I torte and fill mine. To me if I do just one layer it comes out perfect for a sheet cake, otherwise it is just too short. But I have to be very careful not to break the layer, it is very fragile.
Thank you everyone for your advice. I willlet you all know how it turns out :-)
And a large cookie sheet without 'lips' on it works wonderfully for lifting off the torted top layer for easy frosting.

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