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Hi Everyone,

Everytime I bake a sheet cake or any sort of squared cake - my corners burn !!  Am I doing something wrong???  I do not want to remove it from the oven to soon and have the middle uncooked.   Please help !!!!!!

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Here's my sheet cake trick. Use the baking strips and use 2 flower nails in the center to conduct heat. Bakes even, no crunch corners! Be sure to coat your nails with whatever you use on your pans.
HI, I have found the bake strips to help. There the strips you put around the pan while cooking. I have not used the store bought ones, not ready to pay that much. But did find a helpfull video on them, & how to make your own. Take an old towel & cut in strips long enough to go around the outside of the pan & proper width, wet(& slightly wring out) the towel strip & saftey pin it on the outside of the pan. Doing this before you put the batter in makes it alot easier. I have found that there is hardly any leveling & no burning of the edges since I started doing this. At one of my local hardware stores that carrys wilton supplies they have the bake strips, $9 for 2 & $22 for 4. Hope this helps
Thank you for your help ! I used the baking strips and I stuck my flower nail in the middle of the cake and it came out great.
Thank you both so much!!

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