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A member here just informed me that the Department of Health found her here and she got in trouble for saying she sold her cakes, being that she is not licensed to do so.

If you are "flying under the radar", so to speak, you are taking the risk of getting caught. Just beware that if you tell people in an open forum like this or on Facebook that you sell cakes, you can get in trouble. What you decide is your business, but if you choose not to go legit, watch what you say. It's not worth getting fined or sued.

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I am liking this discussion. This is why we are so sick in america. Oh, that and we forget to eat our vegetables.


Denise said:

The problem IS with our government and regulations.

"He who controls the food, controls the world!"


Our food is being poisoned before it even gets to the slaughter house.  Cows were NOT intended to eat ONLY grain they are herbivorous.  They NEED grass in their diets to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Chickens were not intended to be fed only grain. They are omnivorous and require protein (bugs), gravel, grasses, and some seeds to maintain their healthy digestive tract.


Clean up the food chain and we will clean up the problems with our food supply.

Carolyn Grace Duvall Lawrence said:

A friend and I were talking recently about all the laws. I'm not sure they are all that great and sometimes I think the government and health department get into our business too much. I can remember when we lived on the farm and my dad and the neighbors butchering on our kitchen table in our little 4 room house and NO running water!! We all lived and I never heard of anyone getting sick or dieing. I know cleanliness is a good thing, but you can sometimes overdo a good thing! My daughter is so paranoid that she throws out anything that is one day over the due date and she sure didn't learn that from me. :)

Ihave always said we are way too clean now.  Kids get sick at the drop of a hat.  Mine didn't because I actually let them play all day - come home filthy and only at bedtime did they get a good bath.  I didn't chase after them all day washing them off.  They knew to wash hands before eating... but in their minds this practice didn't mean Popsicles, suckers and others treats that didn't count as a meal.  And I remember being little and having butchering going on at the kitchen table, too, just as the the earlier poster does.  I tried my best to raise my kids the same way.... I lived to tell the story after my ingested mud pies, and so did they!


Alas, we will never go back to the old days.  In some ways good - but in many more ways not good at all.

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