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Hi all!  

One of our members is desperately searching for a tutorial on sculpting a dog from cake - specifically a Springer Spaniel!  Does anyone have any brilliant ideas where we might find one (preferably video)?  Or has anyone already done something like this and could help out?

Any contributions gratefully received, thank you!

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TY katy for putting the word out there .

I have no idea what a Springer Spaniel looks like but my favorite tutorial site (lol) has a number of tutorials for carving dog cakes.  Here is the link to the page.

There you are see Berlynda - I told you Goreti was the master at finding these things!  Thanks Goreti, I searched lovely tutorials and just couldn't find cake sculpting tutes.  You definitely have the knack.  Berlynda, I hope there is something you can use there - they have several (although nothing specific to springers).   Plus you can print them out if you need to take them to your workspace to refer to.

yes im looking at it and its a hard web sight to get around as i have to keep translating things to english lol but it is very much appreaciated for all the help im getting ty.

i must say what a web sight ty.

Yes, I think it's worth the translating.  There is so much on there, it's unreal!

lol getting frustraded cant friggin get it to trnslate now lol.

sorry bad spelling

What browser do you use?  If you have Google Chrome, it should ask you on the first visit if you want google to translate for you.  Then on subsequent pages it will do it for you automatically.

lol having alittle issue with my browser right now i use google but iv had conduct take it or and havent had time to fix it as i downloaded a web sight and it took over my google its a nasty pest not harmful but annoying soon as i slow down will try and fix it.

Oh dear - that's very annoying.  Hope you get it fixed soon.

lol  i know well looked at pic daughter sent me and i can say it looks to me more like a boader collie there both kinda the same I'm thinking best bet freeze and carve then try and wrap fondant on it im not to sure yet.

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