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Hi all,
I Was wondering if anyone has used rolled buttercream? I need something plyable like modeling chocolate.
I am covering a gumpaste & rice crispy treat trophy I made and I need to not have seam. I find that when I am wrapping sideways I get a seam with fondant so I was wondering if rolled buttercream would work.
Thanks in advance

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hi michelle,

what you wanna use is modeling chocolate, because the heat from your hand will take that seam out, the rolled buttercream always leaves a seam with me, but the modeling chocolate will not, how this helps

Yes and no. I didn't want to use modeling chocolate because it's more expensive and white modeling is way more temperamental to make.. If I could make it without it getting crumblie I might try again.. This may not even get eaten more of a decoration.

when i use the white modeling, i do a 60/40 white chocolate to fondant.  are you gonna leave it white or are you painting it with luster dust?

I will be spraying with an air brush (gold)
I have even thought of melting the fondant then pouring it but I have not tried that and of course I am running behind..

if u r gonna spray it gold then u can purchase almond bark,which is very cheap and make molding chocolate from that, dark modeling chocoalte takes gold very well and you only need one coat to cover it.  but the melting may work, it does dry very fast. good luck

I don't know where I got the link from but someone had posted it and it helped me to understand modeling chocolate. Like when things go wrong. So I mad the modeling chococlate and used it on the trophy for the cake.
Thank you all for your help

kew; ur welcome michelle and you can always use almond bark in place of the wilton's chocolate, the almond bark is less  expensive for double the amount, im sorry i didnt give you a website to go to but i just assumed you had experience with the modeling chocolate, post pics of your trophy that would be kewl to see.

I did post the other day.. It's in my pic as ice hockey trophy cake.

I never use or made modeling chocolate, is it like fondant and does it taste good? can it be use to cover a cake? 

Yes it is like fondant but it taste like chocolate and you can do more stuff with it that includes smoothing seams out..

yes, and i think that the modeling chocolate is better for making humans, especially for wedding toppers and i use it as a 50/50 with fondant for drapes, because it helps the fondant be more elastic and not to dry as fast.  it really depends on what you are making if you want to do a 60/40, i did that on a car once and the fondant was so much more easier to handle with the modeling chocolate mixed in, also know as chocolate paste or chocolate plastic. The taste is way better than fondant or marshmallow fondant, and when used with fondant you can still taste the chocolate, white/or dark chocoate

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