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Hi - I made rolled buttercream fondant the same day I used it on my cake.  When I placed it on the cake a couple of places spread open and when I touched the fondant it felt wettish!

Any ideas as to why this may have happened??  Do you think I may have rolled the fondant to thin?

Thank you.

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Would love to help but I have never used it... interested to hear the responses from those who have!
i use rolled buttercream for my figures all the time and sometimes for decorations on my cakes. you need to mix your rolled buttercream and wait let set 24 hr before using, makes a huge difference. it is possible it was rolled too thin, don't know. but i add gumtex, about 2 tbsp to a batch to help it dry faster and better to work with. i like the rolled buttercream because it has a much better taste than gumpaste or fondant but can be used just like fondant or gumpaste. when making figures you need to make your figures in sections and let dry for an hour or so before gluing sections together. this helps the sections to keep their form better and helps them keep their shape better. i use piping gel to glue my sections together. email me if i can help in any way. not an expert but will be glad to share ideas or tips i have learned playing with the rolled buttercream.
Thank you so much Cathy. Next time I make it well in advance and add gumtex to it.
I have used rolled buttercream before and found it somewhat harder to use than regular fondant and definitely greasier. It does tear easier for sure. I had good luck mixing it 50/50 with Satin Ice fondant.
Thank you Becky. I don't like the greasy feel to it. Someone also told me aboiut mixing boxed fondant with the rolled buttercream. Does mixing the two together affect the taste at all ?
Well, as I said I mixed it with Satin Ice ~ which already tastes pretty good. I don't think it is possible to make Wilton fondant taste any better, that stuff is just I wouldn't mix those together. But you'll still have the chewy fondant texture, which is actually what most Americans don't like about fondant.

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