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Hi everyone, once again I need help please.  I've had some enquiries about red velvet cupcakes which I have not got around to doing yet, so I'm still very stupid when it comes to them. All the recipes I can find have cream cheese and whipped cream in the icing,  is this correct? And if so how do they keep if I'm gonna do a order for a customer? All I can imagine is the cream going runny and running into the cupcakes making them all soggy.  haha. Can anyone give me advise on this

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Firstly Wendy

Don't say your stupid when it comes to a recipe.  Too harsh on yourself.  Now red velvet. Basically Wendy, it is just a white cake recipe with 2 tblsp/30 ml of cocoa & some red food coloring added to it to make the cake red. As far as the icing,  you don't have to use cream cheese unless the customer specifically asks for it. If the customer doesn't ask for the cream cheese icing,  I wouldn't bother with it.  Personally,  I am not a fan of cream cheese icing.  Way too sweet for me. I have never used it on my red velvet. Here in Canada, we can buy pre-made cream chesse "flavored" icing, or buy  cream cheese flavoring to add to your icing.  Much easier. You can add a couple of ml of cream cheese Wendy to your icing and not worry about it "running".  If you had meringue powder, that along with your icing sugar will help your icing stay stiff. And you haven't added enough that you have to refidgerate the cupcakes.  

If you Google red velvet, you will get a ton of recipes you can choose from.  Hope this helps.


Thanks ill see what I can get this side

Orrrr... if you are a fan of a doctored mix.... I have a red velvet recipe in my blog on here... it is pretty good.  As for the icing.... If you talk to anyone from the South... Red Velvet and cream cheese icing are like peanut butter & jelly!  They just do go together!  I usually do use cream cheese with red velvet but one of my favorites with the red velvet is a fresh vanilla bean buttercream.  It is a bit lighter and goes very well with it! 

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