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I bought 3 big packs of kraft jet u=puffed marshmallows with the hope of making mmf. FRom my recent forums y'all would realise that that project failed miserably. 

As such i'm looking for any recipe where i can use them up, so that it wouldnt be a waste of money. Thanks much.

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Hi Kim! How about rice krispies treats? You could also do Smores or smore inspired cupcakes, or add them into brownies. You can also do a sweet potato casserole and put the marshmallows on top! Hope that helps!

I use Kraft marshmallows all the time for MMF with no problems.  Are they the large or the minis?

Hi Eileen, I can totally empathize with Kim and her MMF frustration. In the Caribbean heat and humidity it is a very inconsistent recipe. Sometimes it worked great for me, but other times it was just a sticky, melting mess. I've found that Wilton fondant holds up well to the Caribbean heat and another local caker has told me about Massa Ticcino Tropical which is great for the beat and humidity of the Caribbean. Some of e other Carribean cakers get great results with Satin Ice but I've heard from many other local bakers here in Cayman that it melts in our summer heat :(

No Melting of Satin Ice over here in like a charm. MMF made me cry like a baby...never again!

Kim you can make marshmallow love it...'ve never tried it but some online recipes look quite simple. Give it a shot :)

thanks guys. eileen mmf fondant really doesnt handle our heat and humidity well.

ten the recipes i saw use marshmallow fluff and not the actual marshmallows but i will definitely keep researching.,226,153178-230203,00.html

Check that link...marshamallows :)

Try it and let me know :)

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