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I have an order for a diabetic cake. Does anyone have a receipe for one. Thanks.

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If the man is diabetic, he will know that any alternative sweetener is pricey. Let me know which direction you go with and how the cake turns out. :o)

Thanks Linda. Went to the website. Its 30.00 for a 5 pound bag. Costly, but I'll put the cost in the cake order. Thanks so much for your and Eileen's help.
I myself dont use any artifical sweetners. I just do with out if I have too. I dont even like fake crabmeat! LOL. I'm  with you Linda, I could use to knock off a few pounds myself.

Hey Ruby

I made white cake & red velvet using stevia, which is a all natural sweetener.  I have also used Agave. All readily available in health food stores and some grocery stores.   I bought both at my local grocery store. Both are fine for diabetic baking.

How did it turn out, June? Was it a smaller cake?
Thanks June. I'll try that. I will let everyone know how it turns out. Cake not due til Dec. Do I make it like a basic cake receipe, but use the nonsweetner in place of the sugar?
The stevia is very, very sweet. I would have to go back & research what I did exactly.  I got the recipe from a vegan website, not sure if I printed it out for further reference.  I would try making your fav cake recipe, but substitute stevia for sugar using 1/2 the amt, because as I said it is very sweet.  I prefer Agave, but I am not sure if it is suitable for diabetics?,  cause I have only used it for vegan baking
The cake was fine. Virtually undetectable from real sugar.

Diabetic does not mean sugarless cake.

My niece is a diabetic [type 1] coeliac. Diabetics watch their carbohydrate intake, ie sugar and flour.  The amount of carbohydrate ingested is used in the calculation of insulin to be administered. She has a small piece cake sweetened with sugar, not an artifical sweetener.



1. Sugar alcohols,  like Xylitol, count as carbohydrate and must be used in insulin calculation

2. Aspartame disintergartes with application of heat and is not usually used in baking

3. Splenda is sucralose.

I made a great carrot cake using splenda. no aftertaste. The cake was so moist, its actually on the back of the splendid bag.
Thanks Michelle. The order is for a carrot cake, but wasnt sure how to go about making a diabetic cake. Thank you. What did you use for the frosting. I just need a 6 inch cake for the topper. The order is for a diabetic man's 50th wedding anniversary. The topper is his cake. I'm so glad its a small one.
Because I worked in homecare so long ans dealt with a multitude of diabetics, when I made my comments about using a alternative sweetner, I should have cautioned as Suziq above.  Not using "sugar" makes the cake less caloric, but it is still a carbohydrate, and as such, has to be counted towards the daily consumption.  Of course as Suziq said, each person is different depending on their own particular blood sugar.  Most diabetics ( my sister is type #2 ) know how to manage a "treat" or two into their daily/weekly diet.
Thanks so much for everyone's input on this subject. I really appreciate it.

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