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I cannot take credit for this recipe. Given to me by our Administrator/Host of our Hamilton chapter Cake Club through:  Canadian Cake Decorators Guild


I do believe she received it from another Adminstrator Mark Degroseilliers of Montreal South Shore.

I will put Canadian/US measurements and try my best for European conversion

2 cups/480 ml icing/confectioners sugar

1/2 cup/120 ml cornstarch/cornflower

1 tblsp/15 ml tylose powder

4-5 tblsp/60-75 ml boiling water

4-5 tsp/20-25 ml shortening ( Trex in UK )

Sift dry ingredients in a bowl. Add boiling water. Mix well with a wooden spoon. Transfer mixture to a counter coated with a small amount of shortening. Coat your hands well with shortening and knead the gumpaste until soft and pliable. You may or may not need full amount of shortening listed.

Wrap gumpaste in plastic wrap, palce in airtight container.You can use this gumpaste RIGHT AWAY, no waiting for the gumpaste to mature. I used this as a 60/40 combo with fondant. Gumpaste being the 60%.

I also used this with my purchased Satin Ice gumpaste to save $$$$$$. Satin Ice is expensive, but mixed 50/50 with this recipe, helps it to make it last.

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That's great June.  Thanks so much for this.  And if you store it, it should be fine?

Keep it in a zip loc bag inside a small tupperware type container. The ONLY thing I don't like, is that I have to use Wilton brand of tylose which gives the gumpaste a light beige colour. Ok when mixing with fondant & colouring it. But Trying to give it a pale colour, or wanting a "white" look is difficult. The Admin who gave me the recipe buys her tylose pwdr from Flour Confections online. I am guessing the pwdr is more whitish in colour. But I ck'd it out, and it seemed pricey. But she is s Pro, so she can write her purchases off.

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