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I have this great recipe I use for Swiss Merengue buttercream.  I really love it.  However, I find definite inconsistency in the stiffness from one batch to the next.  For example, today I made 7 batches.  I follow the recipe to the t with the exception that I either double or triple the recipe.  The first batch I made came out nice and thick, which I like when stacking layers.  It was almost like a nice thick whip cream consistency.  The rest of the batches were much, much looser.  I'm not too concerned because in the past when this happens, the buttercream firm up by the time I use it.  But, I can't seem to figure out the problem.  Any thought?  Thanks.

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Ken - I am no expert on smbc by any stretch of the imagination and I'm sure there are others on CWB that know more about it than I do.  However, just using my basic baking knowledge and taking guesses....all I can think of is that your butter was much softer by the time you came to making these batches.  You said that the first batch came out nice and thick, so I'm wondering if the butter softened up a little too much while it was waiting.  Alternatively, was the meringue still too warm when you added the butter?

i have been using smbc all the time and every time they come out just perfectly. The problem you are having may be , cos you do not beat it for a proper time. you have to keep on beating till all the ingredients are properly incorporated and you have a proper consistency. The butter too, should not be very liquid ,  just soft enough   you can put your finger through it. The beating time is also very important. 

That must be it then.  I generally let the butter sit out all night.  So it is extremely soft.  As I mentioned, it always firms up after sitting for a while after it's made.  Thanks for the insight.

Just hope we had the right answer for you Ken.  Let us know the next time...........

There are so many variables it could be... 

1) Ambient temperature/humidity will affect the way the butter acts, the amount of time it takes to cool the egg/sugar mix, etc.

2) The egg/sugar mix is just slightly too warm when yo add the butter... 1 or 2 degrees really can make a difference!

3) The butter is too warm/soft. Should just give under your finger vs. quickly smooshing and it should still be semi-firm and cool toward the center.

good luck!

The butter softness is definitely the issue, I suspect.  It was way soft.  Thanks.

Glad we solved it for you Ken. Good luck with the next batch.

Ken Kramer said:

The butter softness is definitely the issue, I suspect.  It was way soft.  Thanks.

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