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I was curious about this, wondering if it's best to texture the fondant first, or put it on the cake first. It would seem that in some cases you'd lose the texture in the smoothing process. And in other cases if you put the fondant on first your texture object (a mat, piece of lace, whatever) might not make a deep enough indentation. Would like to hear some ideas on this. Thanks!

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If the texture is going to be applied to the whole surface, the best way is to texture it first.  Just make sure to have the texture distinct enough so that in smoothing it the results are not lost.  I know that if you want to apply texture to fondant on a cake you need to do it very soon after the fondant is applied before it has time to begin hardening. HTH

Hi Bunny i always texture my cakes after i put it on the cake as personally i've found that by the time i've got the fondant really smooth you can't see the texture, but you have to do it before the fondant has a chance to dry out.

hope that helps

Texture first, then FREEZE for about 5 minutes.  Fondant will be pliable enough to bend, but firm enough to not mar the surface of the texture and most importantly, will not stretch.  Make sure you wet the surface you will be applying to, and its really best when you make panels. 

WOW, 3 different answers lol...I was actually wondering the same thing I'm glad you asked the question.


Great answers, thanks! I wouldn't have thought about freezing.

Re Sharon's reply on the 24th - Sharon, do you or anyone else know if it's also possible to drape the fondant, or would that just make it impossible? Like for example on a round cake where you want the transition from tops of tiers to sides of tiers to be gently rounded?

I can certainly see the panels being advantageous when the sharper edges are part of the design, whether that's on a squared or a cylindrical cake. Is there a way to "seam" those sharp edges and keep the pattern impressed, or is it just best to design with the idea that you're going to cover the seams with some kind of other design feature (a line of round balls or something like that)?

Probably it'd help if I find some pictures to illustrate what I mean.

Sorry!  I didn't see this...


Yes, you can still bend the fondant once its cold.  Just move slowly and gently, and it won't break.


Seam by royal icing in the same color, or add a fondant/water mixture to create what I call spackle.  It will dry to not look so obvious. 

Textured fondant is a little tricky, I always roll it out on the fondant and then transfer it to the cake. Yes you will loose a little bit of the texture when you smooth it out, so don't push to hard and try not to go over the same spot to many times, good luck

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