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Just wanted your opinions on pricing out baby shoes and other fondant figures.  I made some baby mary janes over the weekend and after posting the photos of it over the weekend, I now have a ton of requests for baby shower cakes with little baby shoes.  So my question is - how do you price these little extra pieces?  Although the cost of materials isn't a lot, it does take quite of a bit of time - I would hate to undercharge but don't want to over charge either.  Thanks so much for sharing!




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Anyone with thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!
We typically start at $10 for basic fondant accents and work our way up from there, depending on the level of complexity involved. We just did a fondant Barney (yes, Barney is still kicking, apparently) and I only charged $20, which was way too little I realized after spending hours making him dimensional. You're right, the line is so fine between enough and too much. I'd charge $25 for the pair of shoes (assuming it's a significant decoration) as an add on "topper". And I'd love to see a pair!
That helps a lot - thanks! I have a photo of the Mary Janes I did in my photos. Just did a pair of sneakers last night for a cake tomorrow as well - I'll post those soon! I was thinking about starting at $10 so your post is really helpful!

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