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I am starting to feel that I don't have the 'right' talent for buttercream. When I make flowers they never come out right. I do better with Royal icing. When I work with fondant or gumpaste, anything really I can use my hands with I seem to do much better. Even if it is the first time I am creating something it usually turns out the way I want it.

I am just wondering if maybe some people are ment to work with buttercream and others with fondant. I just can't seem to get the hang of buttercream.

Just wondering if I am the only one out there.

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And they are beautiful...

Amanda B said:
Don't fret. I can't do buttercream flowers to save my soul, and I can't fondant a whole cake either! When people ask me to do buttercream flowers I just say no. =P All of my cakes are buttercream with fondant accents. ;-)
don't feel bad, i feel the same way. my royal icing flowers and fondant work comes to me so much easier. i have a friend who hates all the fondant and what not she loves buttercream and does beautiful work with it. buttercream gets to warm to fast for me so i can never quite make it to the end of the project, but alot also depends on getting the consistency right too. but good luck dont give up it will come in time!!
Amanda is the queen of buttercream! I wish I could ice a cake like she can. Since I started working with fondant... I have lost my buttercream skills but I was NEVER as good as Amanda is .... Check out Cindy Lou too... (sounds like Dr. Suess!) She has some mean buttercream skills too!
I know this is an old post but the main reason everyone has trouble with the buttercream roses is how you hold your wrist when piping and the angle you hold the flower nail... personally I prefer to do them on a skewer but the only way to learn that is by watching someone do it....make sure the wider end is toward the bottom and use a motion simillar to flipping a lever from right to left going from 3 o clock to 9 o clock.. or from 9 to 3 if you feel better doing in that direction. As you get to the last layer you will tilt your nail away from you so the petals fall "open".. Also only fill your pastry bag half full because the heat from your hand will melt the buttercream and you will have a mess. Hope that helps!
the almighty bc rose ahh i bet i've made 100, finally i have some decent one's don't ever expect them to look like the one in the wilton book, i only put a small amount of bc in the bag first to see if it stiff enough, save's a lot of time. i have gotten a lot of info that has helped that's not to say my next one's will come out with out testing have to test, and practice. when i took my course i thought oh i know how to do all those trim's ect. NOT, practice and practice, and i'm still practicing lol anyway, take your tip and open a little with a knife, almost every one does this, adding corn syrup to your bc helps a lot, try using a hershey kiss for your base, and i have hot hands so i'll put the bag in the freezer for a minute to cool it off, when making your rose, you alway's work toward you, hold your nail about chest level, oh da i just read the post above lol, but really the karo syrup really helped me

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