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I am in need of a  delicious pound cake recipe.  I am going to make a sculpted pirate ship cake also want opinions on whether to use a filling in a sculpted cake and if so what kind of filling.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Or does anyone recommend a different kind of cake?  Thanks

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so if i want to half thé recipe or double it! What do i do time wise for thé oven? And can i bake 2 cakes at same time in oven?

glad that recipe is working out for you. I make 2 or 3 cakes at a time.  It takes a bit longer but have never had any problems.  I haven't tried using other flavors (will have to do that but not use my current friends/family, have to look for another group of experimenters ha ha ha)

Yes its brill! Husband said don't go experimenting with it. lol! He knows I mess things up always 2nd time! Yes, this one is a keeper indeed! Have tried many wasc recipes! Only once did I succeed! Facebook page is Niska Cakes if u want to have a look! But i'm only starting so please be kind. lol

Could we do this in cupcake cases! Just had another slice!.. Im gonna try thé recipe and do them in thé casés now! Will let you all know in a little while! Was thinking 25 Mins in oven ! Would this be ok?

I have made small bundt cakes, large cakes, individual brownie pans always comes out great.  I just adjust the time.  can't wait to see what you sculpt. going to look you up on facebook now 

Well faith! Its just 1 week and a day since ive gotten your recipe! And have made 1 cake every day! Last Three days it has had 1 and half mashed banana in and is oooooh soooo yummy. Thanks

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