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lately a lot of the cupcakes I bake, turn out pointy, insteaded of rounded. I have no idea why this is happening.

Could someone out there please explain & give me the solution.

This is making me crazy.

I stagger the pans & my oven temperature is set @ 325. This solved the pointy cake problem but not the cupcakes.

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My cupcakes always flat , and I always beet  on medium for one minute only and I bake them at 375 ten minutes max  on the lower shelf in the oven  they don’t form  a mound that way they cooked fast and flat  while still soft and fluffy inside  i don't mind if the cupcakes tops are  al little pit white ( I use box mixes ) I fill only to the half of the liner  _ one time I filled them a little bit more and they form a mound _  

Hop this help

1 DH mix

1 small box Jello pudding (full fat and sugar)

2/3 c oil

1 c water

4 eggs

2 t flavor emulsion (usually Butivan)





Jeri brought up a point that I though had been addressed.

Oven temp.

Is there at least one thermometer in your oven?



No I don't have a thermometer, but I think I better get one to make sure.

I'm going to try your doctored mix recipe that you sent me...although I'm not sure what you mean by flavor emulsion. Are you just talking about extract? Also can you use any flavour of pudding?

mimi said:

Jeri brought up a point that I though had been addressed.

Oven temp.

Is there at least one thermometer in your oven?



You will love that recipe.

When checking for done, insert a bamboo skewer in the middle and pull cakes when a few moist crumbs are still present.

I generally match the pudding to the cake (choc with choc for example)

A flavor emulsion is just a thick, subtle mix of flavors, kinda like perfume for cake, lol.

The Butivan I pick up at my local cake deco shop as they buy a huge quanity and repackage, then pass the savings along to their customers.

Lorann oils has a couple, also.

Try your google search as there are a few others out there, Amazon is a good resource.












Here's a great homemade flavor emulsion:

1 cup vanilla extract

1/2 cup butter flavoring

1/4 cup almond emulsion

Mix together well.  Keep on hand for all your flavoring needs. 

If you want to try this on a small scale use *any* measure - be it teaspoon, Tablespoon, cup, pound or quart etc - as long as you keep the ratio of 1part to a 1/2 then a 1/4.

I have a friend who dosen't like almond and they tried sub'ing lemon extract for the almond & liked it that way. 

Flavoring is a very personal taste:)  Don't be afraid to play around some with recipes to find what is your perfect taste. 

I prefere to use 2 Tablespoons flavoring (the mix above) in my b'cream recipe.  Most cank &/or icing recipes don't call for enough flavoring:) 

Oh, oh, oh!

Thanks, Lynne!

I will try this soon.

Nice to have an alternate to the store emulsions, they cost an arm and a leg!


These are the emulsions I use  love the Lorann Lemon and Orange


I also use some of the Silver Cloud Flavors.  They are very intense and do not take much. 

Love their Lavendar, Cherry and Irish Creme.

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