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Hi All,

I need your help. I am in the running to be a competitor at a cake off hosted by our local radio station. They've narrowed it down to about 30 people and they'll select 4 for the competition. If you could spare a second and go to to vote for me (if you feel I'm worthy - look through the competitors) I would truly appreciate it. My name's Carla Cloutier and I'm about half way down the list - you'll see the Jessica Rabbit picture that I use for my profile pic here. Thanks so much!

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I veiwed all the cakes in the cake off. You got my vote. God bless!

Thank you! Bless your heart!

We voted for you Carla, Best of luck your cake Looks The best , hope you win

Thank you! I do appreciate it so much!
LOL Not a problem , were always looking for cake contests online anyways ,LOL
Hi Everyone - well I just wanted to tell you I'M IN THE FINALS!!!!  Thanks so much to all of you for voting.  You rock!!

Hi Carla,


I just sending my congratulations. Although I am defiantly not suprised; I turly see you being the winner!..... { : - ))))

Thanks! You're so sweet!
Good Luck , Hope you win You deserve it , very much , Let us know if you win,which you should ,
Thank you. I'm pretty nervous!
Just wanted to let you all know I got 2nd at the cake contest. Thanks again for your votes and support. Here's a link to show you pics of me and my cake. I'm the first picture in the photo gallery at the bottom of the article (wearing a crazy apron and standing behind the blue cake with silhouettes).  It's sort of hard to tell, but I put LED lights in the "On Air" sign as well as under each of the dancers on top of the cake.

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