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Those of you that helped me out with a way to thank my cousin for the cake he did for free for my sisters wedding this is the pic you asked for.  It was AMAZING!  Hope you all like it!

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It's beautiful!!!
Thats Georgeous , and i didnt even know about it
HOLY CANOLI Melissa...thats beautiful
That is awesome!!!!
Thanks everyone! He did that cake in 2 days! stayed late after work AND delivered it for nothing! My cousin is the most thoughtful and amazing person in the world. When my sister saw the cake, she couldn't stop crying! everything on there is hand made....even the topper. She DEFINATELY knows how very lucky she is to have had that done for free. It was breath taking in person. I knew if anyone would appreciate the work and effort that went into this, it would be the talented people on this board! Did I mention he also did a cake for the night!
What a wonderful gift... Wowza! He did a fantastic job and you can see the love he put into it.

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