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I am having trouble posting any photos on to this site from my I pad, I used to be able to post them with my I pad but at the moment can't do it. Can some one please help me ?
Thanks in advance Liz

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Ok Liz
I have a IPod, not a IPad, so I can only tell you how I do it. Don't have very good resolution on my pics from my IPod, so don't upload from here too often. I go to my camera roll, click on my pic & email it to CWB. Heading is the Cake name. Body of the email is cake description. Has worked every time.
Hope this helps.
Thanks heaps for your reply, I have tried that and it dose not want to. Work either, I have also tried to send them to the email address by I pad and by my phone but no luck either time, both have worked in the past. So I'm at a complete loss as to how to do it now. If you have any other ideas I would love to know. Thanks once again
Regards liz
Well I am at my daughters visiting Liz. Fly home tonight. I am NOT a computer whiz by any means. I know one time I had the CWB email wrong. Missed a letter or number. When I corrected, went through.
Can you not upload from a computer??

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