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Hi everyone, I just finally finished with petit fours  cakes a friend has asked me to do for her on Monday  , and  stupid  me I agree to do it for her , she wanted 60 ones ,  and because she is my best friend I couldn't say no, ( again stupid) so I spent all yesterday  covering small pieces of cake with fondant. ( OMG)  too much for me , and I can't use poured  fondant  ( I don't like it and neither is she, you need to much to cover well and it doesn't taste good, fondant looks much professional) luckily my huppy  is out of town for business , I had to send my kids to my sister's house  with one just started potty training LOL.. drove them crazy.  My breakfast – lunch and dinner was cake didn't have time to make anything to eat .

Anyway , my questions is can i freeze or refrigerate  already  covered petit fours  two days ahead ?

If I freeze it and then let  it sit to room tembeture will the fondant still looks OK

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i posted the picture- tell me how it looks
Thanks Tanisha , that way it's easier to make many of them .

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