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Has anyone had success painting on smooth buttercream, with

icing colors. 

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Ok Melanie

Ck'd out your Angry Bird's cake. Just amazing. A couple of questions.

What brush did you use? How did you stop the colours from bleeding? I am assuming it is like those star tip cakes, you outline your subject first, then paint.  Along with Wilton white colour, did you use water or alcohol to "water" down your colours.

Melanie said:

Wasn't sure if I had uploaded the picture or not, but I did. The other cake I hand painted was the Maxine Cake with the bra laying on it. Hope this helps :)

Thanks to all of you.  Will check out your suggestions.  I'll let you know how my cake turns out.

Thanks Linda, the most amazing part, is that it's quick and easy! I'm painting a chicken now on bc, lol!
June, I used a soft brush, and a soft touch. I layed my paper cut out image on the cake and traced it with a skewer (toothpick would work). I used water to water down my colors the grooves left by the skewer keep it all in place, then when I'm finished I outline in bc. It really isn't very hard, it its tons faster than filling in with stars or filling in and smoothing it. I'm sure it wouldn't work with absolutely every image, but it's so far been great for cartoon like images. I was fearful that it wouldn't work the first time I tried it, but it worked even better than I dreamed. I literally hand painted all the blue on the angry birds cake. Hope this helps :)

That makes total sense to do the piping afterwards Melanie, as that would hide any bleeding or mistakes.

Think this would be fun to try.   :o)

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