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Hey everyone,

Just looking for some advice on wether buttercream or frosting can be painted on with food color? I painted on MMF before, it worked out really well but I someone who wants a cake and would prefer buttercream or frosting. Has anyone done that before?


Thanks everyone!


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That's really interesting, because other than airbrushing I don't think you can. I could be wrong though.
It may work but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get crisp lines.
I love buttercream but I hate it's limitations! I haven't ever seen anyone paint on buttercream.
Found this while I was trying to find an answer to your question...
It may not be what you are looking for but it sure looks interesting. I may have to try this some time.
I like to pipe a basic shape then use a paintbrush to add some depth and blend color. Here's a video where I did that with a bird on a branch (all buttercream):
yes it's called brush embroidery sp, i love to do it, you can take a cutter to make an impression on your cake,or is you have a picture you like you can outline it with piping gel and go over with bc you pipe a med thick border on your cake bc is colored how you like it with gel not food coloring, i happened to buy some paint brushes in a set at the dollar store but they were to stiff so i cut into the bristles and it works great, you use almond or alcohol and put it on your brush start to pull some of the border to twards the middle you don't want it thick you still want to see the white bc under your painting, keep dipping your brush in the flavoring, you can bring in different colors also. i didn't look at the video above, but there is a lady on u-tube that does a plaque out of fondant i think or gum paste, and it is beautiful. and i think the wilton site show's you how also hope this helps
you do have to make sure your bc has crusted
I'll check out the video when I get a moment. Thanks everyone for your tips and insight.
I have painted stripes on a cake before. I have been toying with the idea of trying some One-stroke-type flowers.
As a tole painter, that sounds very interesting to me. Please let me know how it turns out if you do indeed try to tackle that.

Helen Jo Shewmaker said:
I have painted stripes on a cake before. I have been toying with the idea of trying some One-stroke-type flowers.
I've painted on buttercream WITH buttercream many times before. You can just thin some buttercream and tint it different shades and use a soft paintbrush to paint the thin icing on the cake. It has texture but it looks like an acrylic the look of that
Thanks for all your thoughts everyone! I think I will try painting with different colored butter cream, like painting a picture.

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