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Hi, am new to this site and to the whole cake decorating business.  I am making a cake that is to be a paint can.. I have that figured out. However, I am stumped as to the paint brush...Am looking for a mold but no luck yet.  Any suggestions as to how I can make the paint brush?  Would gladly appreciate any help I can get.

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You could form it out of fondant or a fondant/gumpaste mix fairly easily.  For the bristles, just "scratch" the fondant (before it hardens) to look like a brush.  If it's large, you could start with a Rice Krispie treat base and then cover it with fondant.  Good luck!

I used fondant/gumpaste mix to make the handle, then used the extruder to make the paintbrush bristles.  The attachment with many little holes in it.  Hope that helps!

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