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        Today I had a (FREE) day to do some running around, so I thought I would go run get me a couple of cake supplies because I was running LOW. 

 Anyhow I went into the city because I seen a web site called NY cakes located in Manhattan @ 56 West 22nd between 5 & 6th ave. I called this place to make sure they had what I wanted in stock before taking the trip, a male answered the phone and told me he had these things in stock....I don't know why I was under the impression the store price and internet price was the same = ( I got to the store and the had about two items out of my 13 items I was very upset and let it be known then the prices was an EXTRA $10 or so.... NEVER AGAIN will I do that again... Internet is how I will be ordering my things It was a waste of my time. 

 I should have went to Queens where I normally go, but this store had more of a variety of things or so I thought....I know better next time, sorry just felt like venting.

 I am not sure about every one else but I am like a child a X-mas awaiting the time to open the gifts, when I but things for my maybe that's just me that's how I no I love what I do, though I am not a professional just YET.... what a day.

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Oh, I hate it when that happens!!  I hear you loud and clear.  Your venting is justified.
Dawn, I don't think I would have been so upset if he told me he was not sure if he had it in stock, but it was an hour there because the Express train was not working and you can never find parking out there....I would have been really upset had I paid for a lot and all I walked away with was 2 items, I learned from that one next time internet.... 2 much of a hassle and lets not mention I got caught in the RAIN.....wasn't worth it.
I lived in NYC for two years.  While I loved it....  I first hand know your pain!!  I'm with you on this one.

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