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HI! I have a client that is asking for a cake with a tinkerbell figurine, and she wants all organic (no corn syrup). Does anybody know if there is a recipe out there to make organic fondant?

can I use marshmallow fondant to make figurines? remember... I can not add corn syrup.




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Marshmallows contain corn syrup, you would either need to get organic marshmallows or organic icing sugar, gelatin and corn syrup.

thanks Neryl! I think the corn syrup restriction is a problem ...

ORganic Corn syrup

Maybe she thinks "organic corn syrup" as over 85% of US corn crops are genetically modified [Cornstarch may be out also] Or maybe she's referring to HFCS debate  .. Time to ask her again exactly her reservations are ..

Make your own gumpaste use Organic Cane Syrup, UK/AU golden syrup, maple syrup, rice syrup, or any of the other glucose syrups  ...  or just use pastillage ..


My daughter is vegetarian, bordering on vegan. Gelatin is a No No. Made from animals. Gelatin is main ingredient in marshmallows. Also main ingredient in most store bought fondant. Suzqi has good advice. Have never seen vegan marshmallows. My daughter does make vegan BC tho. Here is a vegan fondant recipe:
Hope this helps.
Thanks so much Neryl. Going to keep these links & also pass them onto my daughter. :0)

Thanks a lot for all the information!!!! I used a marshmallow cream made with maple syrup instead, it was not hard so instead of making a tinkerbell figurine I bought a candle (I did not have much of a choice as I was finding options on the local stores and shipping from online purchase was not going to arrive on time)... I made the marshmallow fondant using the cream for accents in the cake, I like the way it looked!! She loved it!!!

I'll keep all the information you ladies sent so next time, I'll be prepare!!!


Most commercial sugarpastes - Satin Ice, Fondx, Fondarific, Pettinice, Wilton, fondx, fondarific, Regalice, Bakels, Orchard, Choco-Pan, etc - none of them contain gelatine. 

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