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I'm doing my second wedding cake for this weekend and they are wanting a one year anniversary cake. Is there anything special I need to do or add to this cake? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Carisa - I assume you are doing fruit cake?  If so, as long as it has alcohol in it, you don't need to do anything else to it for it to keep for a year.  The alcohol will preserve it and in fact the cake will mature and get better.  Just make sure they keep it wrapped properly and in an airtight tin.

Thank you Katy. No it's not fruit cake, it's white almond. How much alcohol do I use?

Well 2 things Carisa

If it is all bc icing, if wrapped well, it will keep for a year. If it is bc & fondant covered, it will keep, but when removed from the freezer, fondant will be soft. If they unwrap, place in a cardboard box lined with paper towels, and leave it be, the box & towels will absorb the excess moisture. If left to stand, the fondant will eventually dry out & become firm again. But they must not touch it, or it will leave marks.  Any fondant/gumpaste embellishments tho, should be taken off before freezing. Fear they will not hold up as well when unthawed. A couple I did a small keeper cake for did this, and they said it was just as yummy as the original.

Hope this helps.  :o)

I am assuming you are talking about the top tier of the cake?  Usually it is the one they save for their first anniversary.  I never charge for the top tier of cake it is my gift to the couple.  A cake I did in San Antonio last March the bride sent me a message last week... they had wrapped it tight in plastic then in foil and put it in the freezer for the year.  She said it was fantastic! 

OK Carisa - as it's not fruit cake, then I agree with everything else said here.  No need for alcohol as you will be freezing it.  June has it spot on!

Thank you all. You've been very helpful.

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