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Okay so I have this bride that has booked with me for a wedding cake in Oct (she has signed a contract & sent a deposit) and since she did she has wrote to me telling me the wedding is off FOUR times.  Now she will write back a little later and says its all okay and they are back on. She is also doing this with the women that is getting her invitations from so I know its not just me she is doing this to.   Now what I have a question for is when do you put your foot down and  say enough is enough you lost your deposit (being its on Sweetest day it was a prime date) and you need to move on?  This bride is making us nuts already and we have months to go yet.


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How does your contract address cancellations?  Whatever it says, stick to it.  Making exceptions and allowances only gets you in trouble in the end.  If she had forfeited her deposit on the first cancellation you wouldn't be having this issue now. 


She has told me that for sure its over and they are not getting married, I figure in a day or so they will change there mind again like they have so many times now.  I never have told she could have the money back so it was never a question but I just do not want her even to come back again.   I told her she forfeited the deposit since its just to late for me to get another cake order.
Stick to your guns.  If she comes back again and you want the order then create a new contract, charge her full price and demand full payment before you reserve the date.  That way you get paid if she cancels again at the last minute.

Oh good idea, I didnt think of that.  Thanks!!


     Stop stressing..... with her ... In your contract the exchange of promises was there  and agrement of time

  this should take place she abandoned you breach of contract. Remedy can be perfomance  you do not

   have to return deposit....Remember time is money!

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