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The legislation, which recently passed the Illinois House, would ban trans fats in food. If IDIOT Gov. Quinn signs it, Illinois we will be the 2nd state. California was the 1ST. state. How has this been for you in California?

The best bakery in the Quad cities said if it does pass. Iowa here we go.

Plus, I work out of my home and wouldn't you know it. I've been getting a lot of calls for cakes. Not sure what to do for the wedding cakes I'm suppose to do over the summer & fall, if this does pass. I'm thinking of telling them to have back up in case. What should I do?

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I just read an article about this.  These sort of "laws" infuriate me.  I love the phrase the writer used "Nanny-laws" - where the state thinks they have to be responsible for everyone's choices.  Grown-ups are perfectly capable of making their own decisions about the foods they put in their mouths.  I don't ever remember reading anything about bakeries that hold people at gun-point until they eat donuts with trans fat.  If people want to know what's in a baked good - ASK!  I'm sure there's nobody with a secret agenda to clog the world's arteries by providing trans fat pies.  It's really ridiculous.  It's not like you can have second-hand trans fats (like second-hand smoke).  It's a conscious decision adults make for themselves and their children.  That's my piece.  I hope it doesn't pass - it's just another way the government is trying to get in our business and make it harder for small-timers.

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