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So, I had a cake order that was picked up today. They wanted a sheet cake that feeds 45-50 ppl. Based on the research I did, It showed I could use an 11x15 pan, which I did! Well, when they came to pick up the cake, they looked shocked saying it was a lot smaller than they thought.  So now I'm freaking out!!! They told me that normally they get their cakes from Walmart for a function (Military thing) like this one and that the cakes are a lot bigger.  Walmart does a full sheet cake for this many people, I just found out!  Well, they told me 45-50ppl.  So I feel really horrible right now and dropped the price from $65 to $45 (I live in a small town in AR).


Please help! I'm shaking right now cause I am so upset and worried! What did I do wrong??? Should I have used a 12x18 instead??? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Print copies of the Wilton cake cutting guide and give the copy to your customers.
According to the size chart I have, that size cake, double layered, serves 55 ppl. I know what an awful feeling it is to be afraid the cake is too small, so be sure to speak with your clients and make sure you are both on the same page when talking about size..
Damn Sheet Cakes, again why do we do them???? Now you see why I thought what I did a couple of weeks ago was not big enough. Your cake was awesome and it was plenty. Glad you feel better about it.
The cake was very pretty. And don't compare yourself to Walmart. I work there and whenever I ask them to do something special for me I found out everything comes frozen in boxes, they defrost and frost so they really don't do anything there

MrsAB said:
Glad to know all worked out well for you! In the event you may need a "cake divider" which pre-marks the cake slices for you after icing, try these: I've used them and they work great. HTH!
oh girl i fully understand about the people pleasing personality, when i do other things for people i actually cold sweat and get a sinking feeling in my stomach when i think that they maynot be happy and worse if they give a shocked reaction!
i guess one day we mite grow out of it. and btw the cake is more than enough, i could slice that up for at least 60 ppl

Diana said:
Well I did that the last time they ordered a cake from me (the large round coin/farewell cake). I had to explain it to her that you don't cut into it like a pie. I even printed a cutting chart for her! I guess I assumed she understood. The base has many functions and most of the time they buy the cakes from Walmart. I know I cannot compare my cakes to walmarts, but I suppose they were just used to the large cakes they get from there and when they saw mine (how small it was) they were shocked! Had I known this would be an issue ( bigger size of each serving they want) I would have went larger! Man, I cannot help feeling so horrible right now (it's my anxiety and People-pleaser personality)... It's driving me crazy! Aaaaaand.... they didn't pay me yet! It's someone I work with, so I'm just going to give her a friendly reminder that she needs to pay me. Why are ppl so dang sneaky like that??? Thank you Deah, I'm venting!

Deah Aldridge said:
Sounds like you need to educate your clients on serving sizes. You might want to mention that during the order process. If they want larger slices of cake they will need to order a larger cake.

Some people send a cutting chart with their cakes. This might help also.

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