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I have been a firm believer from day one that with proper research, tools and preparation, anyone can make any cake they set out to make. That being said, I've only turned down one cake order due to lack of notice to practice/research the technique requested. I've never had a single class on cake baking or decorating, I'm completely self taught/internet taught. I've made some decent cakes, I've made some elaborate cakes and I've made some hideous cakes in the process as well. HOWEVER, I find myself on the verge of turning down a 2nd order out of sheer fear! The cake is for the first week of June which is like 2 1/2 months away....plenty of time, right? It's for my best friend's daughter, she's like my adopted daughter and she is graduating high school a year early. She just sent me a text of a drawing that she wants her cake to look like. OMG!!!!!!!  She wants a suitcase with a camera on top of it, a graduation cap hanging off one corner of the camera and the lense cap replaced with a daisy (no stem). All fondant and gumpaste. Let me just say it again....OMG OMG OMG! I need some serious advice on this one. I LOVE making cakes but I honestly have NO artistic ability at all. Someone, anyone please I don't want to disappoint her. 

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There are o many utube sights for teaching yourself.
I know there are utube score making the purse cake, it really sent that hard one you know the shapes to, you need to start ASAP to get done in time.
Take the job, how else do you learn. Charge accordingly till your skill level

Post a picture so we can see what she wants.

Hi Kelly,

Here is a photo tutorial I found on FB recently by Cakes by Angela Morrison, I saved it to my FB page because my nephew loves photography and I hope to be brave enough to make him this cake one day.


I figure, for the suitcase, just make a suitcase with some fondant belts around it, or maybe do like and old fashioned styled suitcase and have pictures of her printed out on edible paper and put it all over the suit case.  As for the graduation cap, is the cake for a lot of people?  maybe you can get away with wrapping a cake board in fondant to put on top if you dont need the additional cake?  Hope this helps.

Great news! I got a temporary reprieve! She came over last night to go over the details of the cake (colors, flavors, etc) and changed her mind. She's decided she doesn't want the camera on top of the suitcase, she wants a make up case to match the suitcase because no model goes anywhere without her makeup!!!! (She wants to be a model) So now the cake will be a suitcase with a matching makeup case on top with her graduation cap hanging off the corner of the makeup case. A MUCH less scary cake to make!  Thank you all for your quick responses and advice. I'm sure I'll end up making a camera cake eventually since my sister is a professional  HAPPY CAKING!!

Why make everything cake? I'd make the suitcase with cake and the camera and hat as the topper. Here's a tutorial for a Styrofoam canon camera.

please take pics and post.  I have to make a suitcase and makeup case  cake in July, I would love to see how you did it.  If you can take pics that show how you did it I would love to see these, if you have time.  good luck

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