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Does anyone have any tips on how to get nice sharp smooth edges when cutting fondant and flower paste shapes with cutters or knives?  Mine always come out with a but of a "furry" edge.

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Hi Kylee make sure when you use your cutters that you really scrape them across your board to separate the cut out from the remainder of the uncut paste that will give you a really sharp edge

Hi Kylee - I often have the same problem.  Usually it is with the cheaper cutters (plastic as opposed to metal).  What I do if that happens is to go round the edges with dresden tool just gently smoothing the sides off.  By coincidence, I have just been watching a tutorial by Joshua John Russell on and he did the exact same thing to smooth off the edges of a butterfly he was cutting out.  Also, before you take the cutter off the fondant, try to lift the whole thing up, turn it over and run your finger round the edge of the cutter before take the shape out.

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