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Anyone out there ever thought of reinventing tried and true 'classic' desserts?  I am baking for our local International Festival, and being Italian, I am going to attempt a 'tiramisu' cupcake.  What do you think?  Cupcake shot with a dallop of mascarpone sweetened creamy filling, then the tops will be brushed with espresso, and iced with a coffee scented vanilla frosting, then dusted with powdered cocoa.


Any thoughts on this one, people?

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Send me samples!  :-)    Sounds too good!    Think about a chocolate version also.

I'll make a 'test' batch over the weekend.  Wish I could send you some, but believe me, they don't ship well.  I mailed a co-worker one in an interoffice envelope once for his b'day and when it arrived it was all crumbs!  Nix that idea!!  It was worth a try, though.


Also being 'tested' will be tropical cupcakes with coconut cream frosting.  Very Key West'ish.

Ooooo - Key West-ish.  I'm going back to KW for my anniversary this year in June/July.  I'm trying a new Key Lime cake recipe this weekend.  What are you putting in your tropical cupcakes?
How about a key lime cup pie you could put shortbread cookies at the button a soft sponge cake and lemon filling as icing with. 

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