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I will be working in the next few weeks to tweek my recipes to fit the new sizes of mixes.  All of my recipes were using the old 18oz mixes Betty Crocker Brand.   So I am going to do some measuring and go by measurements and not by the mix... Have worked too many years perfecting my recipes to have the manufacturer mess them all up!  Oh well... when life throws me a curve ball... I hit it out of the park so will not let this slow me down... but it does tick me off just a little bit!!! ;-)

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I'm with you. I'd rather bake from scratch, than have this mess. It's just dry measure afterall...
Goreti said:

Ticked me off too. I bought a few boxes that I found of the old size but I think I now only have 1 or 2 left.  Decided to work on scratch cakes instead and not buy any box mixes.  I know that I am only one person and will not make any difference to them but it makes me feel better. lol.

In response to a letter I sent regarding the newly reformulated cake mixes that were introduced in July, the Smuckers® company, owners of Pillsbury®, has responded and invited me to meet with their marketing and research and development teams in October. While the company knew that many bakeries buy their wholesale bulk cake mix for volume production work, they were surprised to learn that so many small home businesses and bakeries used the 18.25 oz. boxed cake mixes for their cakes. They assumed that grocery store sales reflected household consumers, and the outpouring of unhappy responses they received from business owners regarding the new product was unexpected. In an effort to give them a more accurate picture of how we use cake mixes in our cake decorating businesses, I’d appreciate your feedback in the following questionnaire if you’d like to participate. Feel free to sign your name or reply anonymously, and thanks so much for your response! Sincerely, Dianne Rockwell I've invited you to fill out the form Cake Mix Survey. To fill it out, visit:

Dianne, Thank you sooooooo much for this survey!! I filled it out in great length. I hope this helps to get our original products back.  I am at my wits end putting up with all these horrible mixes.  Please let me know if there is anything else that we could do!!

Thanks, Rama.... maybe just share it with any other cakers who would like to be heard?  Your feedback is so appreciated!

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