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GSA got the Buttercream Satin Ice in and I ordered a pail to see what I thougt.... it came today and I opened it up and tasted it... not sure if I like it or not.  Was not blown away by the first bite.  WIll try again... I had just eaten a BBQ Beef Sandwich and that might have had something to do with it. 

Anyone else tried it yet?   Just wondering if it was me... or if it really is better than my first bite.

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What is Gum Trag and titatium dioxide, do I need to buy these products to make a satin style fondant??

This thread was started back in July... made me giggle to see it brought back up on here.   I just got another bucket of the Satin Ice Buttercream for a lady who is making her grand daughters wedding cake.  She asked me to order it for her after I gave her what was left of the other bucket I had to play with so she could learn how to use fondant.  She has done wedding cakes in the past but never fondant covered.  So she called me for tips and help.  Was nice to be able to help someone who is making their grand daughter's wedding cake... if I only live that long!!!   

Hey Jeri,


I read in this thread that you have bought Chocolate Satin Ice does it taste?  And if i need to lighten it how do i do so without loosing the chocolate flavor?



I love the taste of the Vanilla fondant from Satin Ice! I've tried the buttercream and I think it's a little sweet for my taste, but overall it's good! What I really like from them is the variety of colors that they have, black, hot pink, and orange are my favorites, it's hard for me to achieve those colors so they're just perfect if you want to save time!

I am a buyer here..Is not the same to make one batch of fondant for a single cake. But when you have to

do tiered cakes, it's way too much work that I really dont want to add to my work load. It's an expense that

I don't pay for it is the clients, and my sweat will end up costing more than buying a tub of pre-made fondant.



Edna, how is the Satin Ice chocolate fondant taste wise??
I have not been on much lately sorry!  I love the dk chocolate satin ice... tastes kind of like a tootsie roll!  If you need to lighten it just add some ivory or white satin ice.  It will be a lighter chocolate flavor but the flavor is strong enough to keep the chocolate taste. 

Meera said:

Hey Jeri,


I read in this thread that you have bought Chocolate Satin Ice does it taste?  And if i need to lighten it how do i do so without loosing the chocolate flavor?



The chocolate Satin Ice tastes like chocolate - no doubt about it!  You open that bucket and get a huge chocolate whiff!!

I got Dark/Chocolate satin ice because I needed the color, but I like the flavor. It's better then candy, it's smoother.

Farzana said:

How much does the 20lb satin Ice Fondant cost and where can I buy it from? 

 I usually purchase mine through Global Sugar Arts, their prices are good.  It depends on where you are located because the shipping is expensive. Here is the link to it

It has gone up in price... it was $47.99 am sure due to the cost of sugar. 


It is crazy how expensive baking supplies have gone through the roof! 

Farzana said:
Thanks!  Reason I asked was because I own a donut shop and I wondered if the one I was ordering was more.  If you look up food suppliers for businesses like donut shops or bakeries, you can usually go to that place and get it cheaper than having to order it online.  Most metro areas have wholesale food suppliers.  Just gotta know where to find them.  And yes, the price of sugar has risen extremely in the last two years.  We buy 50lb powdered sugar for 46 dollars and it used to be 27 dollars. 
Thanks so much Jeri for the response back and others :)

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