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Ok...I'm doing a bridal shower cake and I got some ideas from a few folks before...but the sister of the bride insists on ribbon and bow with brooch as well as cherry blossoms. It is a 2-tiered cake 9" and 6". any ideas on how I should do this so it doesn't look too busy? How do I get the cherry blossoms to "curl up" it the use of the balling tool ( I hate the one I have...that green one)...and how would I use it.



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Me too Jeanne..that's why I posted the link...I hear it is very easy to use....I just looked upp Adobe Illustrator it is 600 dollars! I added up all the programs and expansions for this wedding cake designer and it came out to 250.00 total ...not bad at all...

You are very welcome Diane! :D
I have Corel Draw and did a drawing in it once. It was difficult to get all the shapes lined up just as I wanted them and so did not look like what Jeanne did. I may try it again. I did look at the other program and it is on my wish list of things I want for my cake decorating hobbie!!!!!!
I have WCDP and use it all the time. I got one of the first programs when it first came out and it was pretty basic did not do as much as it does now. I need to upgrade it and get some of the add on some of their expansion packs. What I love most about it is you can save your image as a jpeg and then bring it into different programs to add on things you can not add in WCDP. It's a pretty fun program to use. It is time consuming but so is a sketch. I like to print off blank cakes and take them with me when meeting with a bride and then I can bring it back to my computer and do the sketch on WCDP. It is a good program!

No to your original question... I have the scuply metal ball tools and love them. They work very nicely. I have the plastic ones too... wiltons and PME's like the metal ones the best.
Hi guys:

I did the's on my page...i didn't add the brooch as I could not find an appropriate should have been fuschia...but typically in Jamaica...these things are hard to find as everything is when they are out of stock....we have to wait..:(...I opted for the second design in the last minute... :)

Thanks again Jeanne...your are just brilliant!
The cake looks great! I am sure the bride was very pleased!
Thanks Karen,

They told me that they loved it to the point where they didn't want to cut it...and that it tasted great...

Karen Marie said:
The cake looks great! I am sure the bride was very pleased!
Nice work T!!
Thanks Deah...:)

Deah said:
Nice work T!!

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