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Need ideas for a beach themed wedding cake that does NOT look Hawaiian

I am doing a cake (and the catering) for a bride.  She emphatic that it is a SoCal beachy theme and not a luau or any type of Hawaiian theme.  My dilemma:


All these cakes either look Hawaiian or East Coast Beach. 


I'm not seeing anything that looks SoCal beach.  I live in SoCal.  The beaches are ugly here.  They are boring, nondescript and the water is filthy.  In fact, when people ask me what do I miss most about living back east - my first thought is always, bar-none - "the Beaches!"


I could make it SoCal in a heartbeat if it weren't a wedding cake and was a novelty cake, surf boards and woodies go hand-in-hand to represent SoCal beaches.  But that would instantly tacky up the cake.


Right now I'm settling on a cake similar to this (because I love it so much)

and I know the bride will love it - but it screams Charleston, Dunes to me.


Does anyone have any ideas out there?  I love SoCal... but I'm drawing a blank.



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The dessert bar looks great what are the small pastries around the cake?

Thank you!

Lemon Bars with Blueberries on top, smores cake pops, mini red velevet cupcakes, mini almond-sour cream cupcakes.  The six inch round is a carrot cake.  I had three display tables of bite sized desserts.

What about the Arches in Baha. I just came back and I thought that would be a great cake..


I'll have to google that.

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